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Knowing the Different Types of Bongs for Sale

Knowing the different types of bongs for sale is the first step that a smoker has to take to get himself the right water pipe. Not knowing the different kinds of water pipes is probably the reason why people end up spending money on the wrong water pipe.

Each type of bong for sale has its own pros and cons. Knowing these pros and cons can help a smoker buy the right water pipe for them. Click over to herbtools - bongs and get yourself a bong delivered the very next day! Not many online headshops offer a service as quick as this without such low prices, so why shop anywhere else?

Plastic bongs are often made out of acrylic. Their plastic construction means that they are as scratch-resistant as glass, but aren’t as likely to break when they fall. Their durability and low cost are what make them such a favorite among most smokers.

Glass is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, kind of water pipe out there. There are plenty of different types of bongs for sale, but glass is often the choice of the common smoker simply because it offers the smoothest hit. In addition, it doesn’t carry with it the toxic risk that some people feel plastic versions do.

They’re fairly priced, too, but since they’re made out of glass, they’re more likely to shatter or break than their plastic counterparts.

Thailand, as most people don’t know, is the birthplace of the water pipe. Back in the old days, bamboo was what people used to create bongs. Today, some people prefer bamboo for the aesthetic appeal and the fact that they are just so cool to look at.

They’re durable, cheap, and have a long lifespan. Among the different types of bongs for sale , these stand out as being one of the few ones that’s made from organic material.

I love seeing crazy designs when it comes to bongs, some are short whilst some are tall. Some are simple whilst others are completely mental! There are thousands of different water pipes for sale at Smokers plaza just sat around waiting for their new owner to show up and utilize them!

Disclaimer: Never smoke drugs

My thoughts on glass bong bowls

Now I know many smokers who have bongs that they buy bong bowls for. But do you know what really, seriously, grinds my gears guys? When people just buy any bong bowl and slap it on their glass bongs without any thought about colour coding! Getting glass bong bowls in green, and attaching it to a glass bong produced in yellow is going to look awful! There is actually a huge range of glass bong bowls online so just shop around a bit!

Stop and think about your glass bong bowls!

Now, this green glass bong we talked about earlier, would it not make sense to get a lovely colour matching bong bowl for it?! Or maybe if your pipe has black patterning, we could go for a black one! This doesn't take much brain power, chaps! I myself get bored quite quickly when I am using the some pipe to smoke from everyday, but if you wanted to buy a new glass bong every time you were bored it could get pricey. So I always suggest that you buy bong bowls in 18.8 (wider diameter, bigger smoke flow than 14.5), and then just change your bowls more often to help brighten up your smoke sessions!

So when your friends come over to your next smoke session, before to spread my advice and let them know that bong bowls should always have a little more thought put into their purchase. And as these glass on glass joints are the most commonly broken part of the bong it would not hurt to get one or two bowls as a backup. Once damaged you will find yourself annoyed and have to wait for a delivery before you can get your smoke on again!

Smoking in a small group

Just sitting alone with one other person with nothing to do can be awkward, but with our beautiful glass bong pipe, awkwardness was impossible. One guy in our little crew was going through some pretty serious stuff. Family problems, a couple health issues, relationship problems, you name it. He liked to come over and just vent. It was therapeutic, I think, to have someone listening, but that wasn’t all they were there to do. The bong gave us something to do when we were thinking of what to say next or didn’t feel like talking.

How I Came to Love Bongs

Heading over to my friend’s house, I wondered back to how it had all started. Rather, I though back to how it had all started over.  I hadn’t smoked since college, and here I was, on a bicycle no less, traipsing over to my buddy’s house to hit the bong.  College had been a blur and a blast of never-ending smoke. It was just as common as beer back then. No one questioned its legality or its morality. It was just something we did, like eat and breathe.  Pass the burgers. Pass the beer.  Pass the bong, man.

But my buddy quickly showed me the advantages of using an acrylic water bong for smoking.  He explained how plastic bong technology had come a long way since back in the day. Resin-resistant, non-odorous, shatter-proof; and more affordable; these were all things that made the new cheap plastic bongs a better buy than the fancy Wizards, or Faeries, or Dark Tower ceramic and glass bongs that used to adorn our coffee table in the 1980’s.  Even the little glass pipes that you can buy out of the lollipop jar at the register are no good, he explained. How so, I asked? They melt.  No way. Way. He showed me one that he had huffed into a blob. So much for glass.

But we started hitting that kush on his newest cylinder, and I must say that I could not tell it was a plastic bong that can be seen here.  The feel was solid, the balance from the carb to the bowl was perfect, and I did not detect a hint of resin stank in the tank.  Hit after hit, it kept its freshness and delivered smooth, even wafts of wavy gravy smoke.  I guess you could say I was hooked on the plastic hookah.

So now you know all about these wonderful water pipes you should view the bongs for sale at for the best deals online.