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HerbTools Bong Shop Sells the Best Plastic Water Bongs Online

I searched online and found a new, and improved plastic bong for my collection. There certainly were plenty of choices online. There were almost too many. What I had before had been pretty basic. I decided to order more than one from the popular headshop and After all, it’s best to be prepared. It’s not like a new plastic bong is all that expensive anyway. 

I waited a few days, and then my order arrived in the mail. I was thrilled that I wouldn’t be missing out on a party weekend, though most online sellers ship fast anyway. The tracking was really useful and the customer support was so quick to answer my needs, it was pretty impressive to be honest with you.

This new acrylic bong had a funnel-bowl style allowing room for plenty of my herb. It had a larger bowl, so I didn’t have to do a lot of refilling during a party whilst being passed around to all the smokers and stoners. This one was handmade in Germany, so that was kind of cool as it increased the coolness by a huge amount. It was made of heatproof plastic, which I think was similar to what my cobalt blue bong was made from, before I lost him, RIP. I choose a clear plastic bong though, as I couldn’t find one in cobalt blue. But that’s all right, contrast is good. 

This cost me a whole £15, but another £30 for the two backups I bought, just in case I ended up breaking one, or if one got too dirty and I didn’t have time to scrub it clean for a party weekend. 

This was great! All I had to do was purchase a new bong, and it brought back my old feelings again! Be sure to buy a few spares so that you don’t get stuck on a long weekend with a non-functioning pipe. See more stories like this one at yahoo