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Knowing the Different Types of Bongs for Sale

Knowing the different types of bongs for sale is the first step that a smoker has to take to get himself the right water pipe. Not knowing the different kinds of water pipes is probably the reason why people end up spending money on the wrong water pipe.

Each type of bong for sale has its own pro…

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My thoughts on glass bong bowls

Now I know many smokers who have bongs that they buy bong bowls for. But do you know what really, seriously, grinds my gears guys? When people just buy any bong bowl and slap it on their glass bongs without any thought about colour coding! Getting glass bong bowls in green, and attaching it to a g…

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Smoking in a small group

Just sitting alone with one other person with nothing to do can be awkward, but with our beautiful glass bong pipe, awkwardness was impossible. One guy in our little crew was going through some pretty serious stuff. Family problems, a couple health issues, relationship problems, you name it. He like…

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How I Came to Love Bongs

Heading over to my friend’s house, I wondered back to how it had all started. Rather, I though back to how it had all started over.  I hadn’t smoked since college, and here I was, on a bicycle no less, traipsing over to my buddy’s house to hit the bong.  College had been a blur and a blast of neve…

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