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My thoughts on glass bong bowls

Now I know many smokers who have bongs that they buy bong bowls for. But do you know what really, seriously, grinds my gears guys? When people just buy any bong bowl and slap it on their glass bongs without any thought about colour coding! Getting glass bong bowls in green, and attaching it to a glass bong produced in yellow is going to look awful! There is actually a huge range of glass bong bowls online so just shop around a bit!

Stop and think about your glass bong bowls!

Now, this green glass bong we talked about earlier, would it not make sense to get a lovely colour matching bong bowl for it?! Or maybe if your pipe has black patterning, we could go for a black one! This doesn't take much brain power, chaps! I myself get bored quite quickly when I am using the some pipe to smoke from everyday, but if you wanted to buy a new glass bong every time you were bored it could get pricey. So I always suggest that you buy bong bowls in 18.8 (wider diameter, bigger smoke flow than 14.5), and then just change your bowls more often to help brighten up your smoke sessions!

So when your friends come over to your next smoke session, before to spread my advice and let them know that bong bowls should always have a little more thought put into their purchase. And as these glass on glass joints are the most commonly broken part of the bong it would not hurt to get one or two bowls as a backup. Once damaged you will find yourself annoyed and have to wait for a delivery before you can get your smoke on again!

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