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What you need to know about bongs

When I found the herb and a good set of bongs from an online headshopI never looked back. I didn’t realize what an alcoholic I had become in my blasé, middle-class existence. Now, I didn’t have to drink because I had all the “medicine” I needed.  That’s how I met my friend. He was standing in line at the marijuana dispensary, and one thing led to another. Before I knew it we were hanging out watching Netflix for hours on end among the land of the daydreamers, high on chronic.

But, I have to say that I was truly amazed at his lack of smoking accessories and online headshop knowledge. From how this guy sounded when I first met him, and from all the gourmet blends that he bragged about buying; this guy was huffing out of a cheap plastic bong. Even in college, we came to abhor those things for the resin buildup, and the smell.  Glass and ceramic were the way to go if you had any class!  Have some class, get some glass, some of the little sisters in my fraternity would cheer. I always had plenty of tools from online headshops at the ready for both me and my stoner guests.

I have always bought my bongs from an online headshop - herbtools, who introduced me to the art. I quickly discovered how much I loved it, so two of my best friends and I bought another one together. We spent almost everyday after school smoking in my basement or backyard. We even started calling ourselves the “after-school stoner crew,” we met and looked at an online headshop and loved our little meetings so much. We were all big bong fans, but our little group actually centered more on great conversation, not smoking. We always had interesting chats, talking about everything from what happened that day at school, movies we had seen, and the opposite sex. Sometimes only one person could come join me in my daily ritual, and that was when I realized how uniting bongs and cool smoking stuff from online headshops can be. 


When my friends come over we always looked at every online headshop we could find, learning about all the new cool smoking tools that were out there just waiting to be purchased and used!